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Hello and Welcome to Viborg, SD!

The Scandinavian Coop at the Creamery is an Arts and Crafts Gallery located in the wonderful little town of Viborg, South Dakota. The rich Danish heritage of the town is ingrained into the everyday culture, and we are proud to become a part of it!

The “Scandinavian Coop at the Creamery” Arts and Crafts Gallery has been created in the Historic building which once housed the egg candling operations of the original Scandinavian Coop Creamery. The brick and mortar Creamery originally consisted of three conjoined buildings built circa 1939. Over the years after the close of the Creamery, two of the three buildings were removed. Over the years, several businesses operated in the building, the last of which was a Bar and Grill, called “The Creamery”. Bob and Shirley Phelan Purchased the vacant building in February of 2019, with a vision of not only opening an Arts and Crafts gallery, but also to build a new residence onto the existing building. This process took the better part of a year to complete, and while the residence was being constructed, they lived in the Creamery building (with to say the least, minimal insulation and marginal heating and cooling). The residence is now substantially complete, and the Gallery is preparing to open on the 30th of October, 2020 at 10:00 am.

See the link below for a video of the store! (And some of my music!)